Announcement: Registration Closing for Eon Server and New Server Coming Up This Winter

Dear adventurers, we have closed the new player registration for Eon Server on Sept 2nd, 2020 (PDT). Existing accounts and character data will not be affected. You will still be able to create new characters if you have already had […]


Aug 4th Server Announcement

First. Server information announcement With the end of maintenance, EON server will be open to all players (including new players) for free. We will distribute free Sealed of Oath to all EON server players, and players can freely access Oath-required regions. […]


Aug 4th International Service Maintenance Preview

Brave adventurers, we’ll be  shutting down Teon from 00:00 to 03:00 PDT on Aug 4th 2020,  for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time. To find out more details of this maintenance, please visit our official website, Facebook page or Discord. Announcements will […]