Event: The Dragon Slayer - Teon


Event: The Dragon Slayer

The most dangerous and powerful creatures in the World of Teon is now challenging all you mortals for a duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuel!


Event Time:
21 April – 22 April (Weekend, Pacific Time)

Event Details:
Defeat Uni Dragon in the Chaotic arena and prevent him from disrupting peace in The Land of Edin.

– Uni Dragon will invade the Chaotic arena and be waiting for you on 21st and 22nd April at 01:00 A.M. (PDT)
– The Dragon will disappear after server reset at 07:00 P.M if it was not killed. (PDT)

Login during those 2 days would get exp cube (for exp recovery) (bound) x 2 per day. If Uni Dragon has been killed, everyone on the server gets additional rewards of:
– Greater Haste Potion (bound) x5 – Blessed Scroll of Teleportation (bound) x20
– Greater Healing Potion (bound) x30
– Exp Cube (exp recovery) (bound) x 10

– Server Reward will be doubled for killing Uni Dragon twice.
– Dying in the Chaotic Arena will not lose any exp.
– Killing others in the Chaotic Arena will not receive any PK penalty.

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