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February Discount Event

Event: Subscription Discount for New Subscribers

Event Time: Feb 1 to Feb 10 Event

Details: All new subscribers subscribing for the first time will receive 70% discount for up to 3 months.

Who can participate: All new accounts which had never subscribed / used free trial before.

What’s good about being a member:

– Access Maros, Elven Garden, Sandwood, Orc Guild, Drake Mountain, and more!
– More bosses available for valuable drops!
– Enchant your Scroll of Polymorphs in Maros Town to make you polymore more powerful
– Purchase rare items and potions with discounted price at Traveler in Sandwood!
– Get a monthly lottery for free gifts!
– Monthly update for new contents! The event only lasts for 10 days. Take this chance to try out a different MMO experience on a mobile phone!

Note: This offer is one time only. If you canceled your auto-renew subscription, you may not receive the discount in the following 2 months.

Event: Sacred Stone of Hope for Old Subscribers

Event time: Feb 1 to Feb 10

Event Details: All active old subscribers (subscribed/started trial) before Feb 1 00:00 (PST) will receive Sacred Stone of Hope x2 everyday during Monday to Thursday, and Sacred Stone of Hope x6 on Friday.

Who can receive the gifts: All active old subscribers (subscribed/started trial) before Feb 1 00:00 (PST) and are still subscribed during event time.

Using the Sacred Stone of Hope will allow you to enter Promise Island (Conquered) for 30 minutes. In this map, monsters willl drop extra gold coins than regular monsters. You could use this feature to quickly acquire a lot of gold.

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