Server Maintenance January 08 2018 - Teon


Server Maintenance January 08 2018

Brave adventurers, on Jan 8 2018, we’ll be temporarily shutting down Teon’s game servers from 23:00 to 02:00 (Jan 9) Pacific Time for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time.

You will have to update your game client after the maintenance.

1. New Region: Sandwood
– New storyline quest
– New map
– New boss: Deathsting
– New monsters

1. New Spells books are released into game:
– Blizzard (Mage AOE Spell, required level: 28)
– Tornado (Mage AOE Spell, required level: 28)

1. New equipments are added into game:
– Cloak of Mithril Ornamentation (AC:2 ; MP Regen +2; Max MP +10; Safe Enchant: 4)
– Cloak of Blood Ornamentation (AC:2 ; HP Regen +2; Max HP +15; Safe Enchant: 4)
– Staff of Sorcery (Damage: S3/L4; Spell Damage +3; Spell Power +1)
– Wizard’s Staff (Damage: S4/L5; Spell Damage +5; Spell Power +1)
– Wizard Clothing (AC:3)
– Wizard’s Set (MP +50; Earth Resistance +5)

2. The required materials to craft the Bone Set has been reduced:
– Helm: Bone Fragment x10
– Armor: Bone Fragment x20
– Shield: Bone Framgment x15

3. Players can now preview some item information before they craft

4. The material requirement for crafting the Iron Set will be lowered, but the required Gold will be increased

5. NPC adjustment
– Traveler will be moved to Damelot City
– Amy [Costume] will be moved to Sandwood Castle
– All Skeleton types of monsters in Promise Island Dungeon will now drop quest items (previously, quest items can only be found from killing Skeleton)

6. Lowered the monster HP in Sky Island (Conquered)

7. Players can now teleport directly using the Bookmark function. A Blessed Scroll of Teleportation is still required

8. Lowered the Gold and Ancient Platinum Coins drop on Promise Island when players are over level 40

9. The cost of Ancient Platinum Coins for Lesser Healing Potion, Healing Potion, Level 1 Scroll of Polymorph and Scroll of Teleportation is lowered

1. Cyril in Maros can now craft the new Enchanted Scrolls of Polymorph
– Cyril is in Maros Town (32813,33585)
– Players can use certain numbers of Essence of Polymorph and a Scroll of Polymorph to craft a Enchanted Scroll of Polymorph
– Enchanted Scrolls of Polymorph will give additional stats buff when players are polymorphed into different forms
– The crafting requirement of Ragged Advanced Polymorph Scroll(bound) is lowered
– Ragged Advanced Polymorph Scroll(bound) cannot be enchanted

2. The polymorph system has been classified into two states: Self-polymorph (State 1) and polymorphed by other (State 2)
– When State 1 is in effect, and a State 2 polymorph can temporarily replace this State 1 polymorph. The player will come back to State 1 when State 2 fades away
– When State 1 is in effect, and the player replaces it by another State 1 polymorph, the previous State 1 will lost its effect
– When State 2 is in effect, it cannot be replaced by another State 1 polymorh
– When State 2 is in effect, it can be replaced by another State 2 polymorph

Bug fix:
1. Bug: Locked item can still be put on the market
2. Bug: Some armors in the market were listed in the wrong class categories
3. Bug: Some videos cannot be played corrected
4. Bug: The quest “Stop the infiltrated Orcs and obtain the Orc Leader’s Keepsake” were asking players to kill Orc Infantry. They should be Orc Grunts
5. Bug: the direction pointer may be pointing to a wrong direction after teleporting
6. Fixed some SFX issue
7. Fixed other various text descriptions
8. Fixed other minior bugs

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