Server Maintenance July 12th - Teon


Server Maintenance July 12th

Our dear heroes, we’ll be temporarily shutting down Teon’s game servers from EST 03:00 to 06:00 for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time.

New updates will be available after this maintenance:

1. Some adjustments are made in the Sky Island zone
– Players will no longer lose EXP or drop items when they die
– Weakened the power of Owlbear and Thri Keen

2. Optimized Quest System
– Players will now be notified their quest targets when they accept new quests
– Players will now be notified when they collect enough quest items
– Players will now polymorph into Werewolf and Dark Elf instead of Orc and Orc Archer in the Sky Island quest line
– Bug fix: The status of some quests will now be updated correctly

3. Localization
– Bug fix: Corrected some translations in different languages

4. Other miscellaneous bug fixes

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