Server Maintenance November 20 2017 - Teon


Server Maintenance November 20 2017

Brave adventurers, on Nov 20 2017, we’ll be temporarily shutting down Teon’s game servers from 23:00 to 02:00 (Nov 21) Pacific Time for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time.

New game client will be available for download after maintenance.

1. Inns are added in Promise Island Town and Maros
– Players will regenerate their HP/MP faster while staying in an inn
– Locations: Promise Island Town (32770,32717), Maros (32772,33566)

2. Added Advanced Cure Poison Potion
– Can cure poison as well as paralyze poison from Ghouls
– Can by crafted by combining Cure Poison Potion x8 and Elven Powder x3

3. Magic Dyes can now be stored into Characcter Warehouse

4. Required Level of some weapons have been modified:
– Orichalcum Dagger:Level 40
– Morning Star: level 35
– Great Axe: Level 50
– Cloak of Invisibility: Level 50
– Ogre Belt: Level 20
– Troll Belt: Level 30
– Morning Star(bless): Level 35
– Dagger of the Dark Knights: Level 35

5. Buffed some Bosses in Drake Mountain Dungeon

6. Added New Player Invitation System:
– Players can now get rewards by inviting new players to Teon
– The invitation link can be found in Settings-General
– An Invitor will receive rewards when his/her Invitee completes the following tasks:
– Reaches level 30: Greater Healing Potion x10, Greater Haste Postion x3
– Reaches level 49: Ragged Advanced Scroll of Polymorph x2
– Reaches level 59: Advanced Scroll of Polymorph x3
– Becomes a subscriber: Scroll of Weapon Enchant x1, Scroll of Armor Enchant x1
– All the rewards are bound to character.

1. Royal
– The attack damage growth per level has been increased

Membership and IAP:
1. Bless from Teon
– Bless from Teon can only be obtained when your subscription is renewed automatically and continuously.
– It contains the following items:
– Potion of Mental Acuity x20
– Greater Haste Potion x20
– Advanced Scroll of Polymorph x3
– Scroll of Protection x1
– Rune Stone of Fortune x1 (can be used for Member Exclusive Lottery)
– All the rewards are bound to one character. Rewards may be modified based on game content change in the future.

2. Member Exclusive Lottery
– It consumes 1 Rune Stone of Fortune
– New subscribers will get one chance of Lottery

3. Added Sealed Oath
– Sealed Oath can be purchased from Servant of Teon in Promise Island Town and Maros Town
– When Sealed Oath is used, player can obtain an Oath, which is valid for 15 days
– If a player purchased an Sealed Oath from the market, it is automatically used and turns into an Oath which is valid for 15 days
– Sealed Oath cannot be used or be purchased from Market if a player has an active subscription

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed the dialogue texts for the Cave of Evil. Players should be able to enter the Cave of Evil after this update.

2. [Android] Fixed a bug which may cause game crashes while receiving PMs from others.

Known Issues:
1. Thanks to player Winner’s feedback, we have found one of the issue which may cause game crashes while receiving PMs from others. This issue is fixed on the Android version. We will work as fast as possible to have it fixed for the iOS version in the next update.

2. We have noticed a possible bug which may cause game freezes while viewing the List of Clans. The List will be temporarily closed. We are very sorry for the inconvenince and will work hard to bring it back online as soon as possible.

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