Server Maintenance October 17 2017 - Teon


Server Maintenance October 17 2017

Brave adventurers, on October 17 2017, we’ll be temporarily shutting down Teon’s game servers from 00:00 to 03:00 Pacific Time for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time.

You are required to download the new game client after the update.

List of Changes


1. New Map: Drake Mountain Dungeon
– Suggested Level 59 or up


1. Character level cap is increased to level 69

2. New Elemental Spells for Elves
– Can be learned in Elven Garden
– Learning spells would require Earth, Wind, Water and Fire Elements dropped from monsters

3. Added a new level 50 spell for Knights

4. Advanced Scroll of Polymorph now allows Elves to polymorphy into Evil Hunter (Boss)

5. Increased Royal’s attack speed with One-hand Swords


1. Weapons now benefit additional buffs in PVP if their enchant level is +8 or higher

2. Moon Goddess can now craft some spell books

Control and UI:

1. Optimized target switching system, and can now auto select a new target for players under some condition

2. Players can now tap and hold the team member list to create a name card. Tapping the name card will target the selected member

3. Players can now tap the arrows next to the Attack Button to switch different sets of hot keys

4. Players can now toggle moving UI in Setting

Bug Fix:

1. Fixed a bug which will block player login if they have multiple Google Accounts signed in on their Android devices

2. Fixed a chat bug which will crash the game

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