Server Maintenance October 26 2017 - Teon


Server Maintenance October 26 2017

Brave adventurers, on October 26 2017, we’ll be temporarily shutting down Teon’s game servers from 00:00 to 03:00 Pacific Time for maintenance. You will not be able access Teon during this period of time.

You are required to download the new game client after the update.

You will receive the following gifts for the version update (available until 03:00 Pacific Time October 28):
Potion of Mental Acuity x20
Greater Healing Potion x20
Greater Haste Potion x10

1. Added Drake Mountain Dungeon Level 5-6 and new bosses: Uni Dragon & Terra Dragon
– These 2 dragons are the guards of the Earth Dragon, who now occupied the Drake Mountain Dungeon.
– New monsters: Dragonkin Spearman, Dragonkin Swordsman
2. Added Halloween event

1. Several rules for the Traveler have been changed:
– Items that the Traveler would sell to players are now different to each character, and the list woudld change every 24 hours
– Has a very low chance to sell rare spell books
– Only sells to characters level 35 and higher
– Has a fixed spawn point (32849,33564 in Maros)
2. Level requirements for different Scroll of Polymorph has been changed:
– Level 1: no level requirement
– Level 2: requires character level to be 10 or higher
– Level 3: requires character level to be 20 or higher
– Level 4: requires character level to be 30 or higher
– Advanced: requires character level to be 50 or higher
3. Changes are made to the Wand of Polymorph:
– The success chance is now affected by the target’s magic resistance. The higher the resistancce, the lower the success rate
– When successfully polymorphing another player outside of your team, the duration is reduced to 30 seconds
4. Toll fee in the market is reduced
– The toll fee is reduced by half in general
– The minimum toll fee is now 10 gold, and the maximum is 50k gold
5. The general drop rate of all four elemental stones are increased
6. Added new equipment drops
– Ogre Belt: Increase weight limit by 10%
– Troll Belt: Increase weight limit by 20%
– Ring of Earth Resistance: Increase earth resistance by 30%
– Ring of Fire Resistance: Increase fire resistance by 30%
7. Added Potion Creation
– Alchemist can be found in Maros (32690,33486)
– Players can combine lesser potions to create higher quality potions
– Bound potions cannot be used for Potion Creation
8. Added Character warehouse
– Most of the bound items can be stored in this warehouse except quest items
– Items cannot be transferred other characters under the same account
9. Treasure Maps modification
– Added chance to find high quality gems to Treasure Maps
– Added low chance to find new spell books and equipments to Advanced Treasure Maps
10. Increased server stability and reduced lag for certain regions

1. Members can now have one additional set of hotkeys. It can be switched in Settings (Gears button)
2. Optimized Character creation UI
3. Optimized Quest UI
4. Other optimization to increase game performance

Bug Fix:
1. Direction pointer will no longer be blocked by obstacles

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