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Teon Launch Detected!


Fearless adventurers, we are excited to announce that Teon is finishing its open beta and will be launching in late September!


We appreciate all the support and suggestions from our beta participants. Although the world will be reset, we have prepared additional supplies for those pioneers to set out again! The supplies will include a 60 days Oath (60 days membership to enter subscription areas, effective after manual activation) and various items for all levels, making sure that you would advance in haste!


All those who have participated in our Android open beta (up until Sept 19th) will receive the aforementioned rewards. If you still haven’t got a chance to get into the game, please visit Play Store now to get a feel of Teon.


During our open beta, we have received many feedbacks from testers and volunteers. Love and hate is felt at the same time. We have taken some time to summarize the feedbacks, and interviewed the designers of Teon. Let’s see what they say about the feedbacks:


Question: Many have questioned about the speed of the game, saying that the characters walk too slowly. Have you (designers) considered increasing the movement speed?
Answer: First of all, we would like to explain the design philosophy which Teon’s design is based on: Teon is imitating the real world. When this applies to the art style, it results in a realistic scale ratio between characters and terrains. For example, if it takes 20 steps to walk across a room in real life, than it takes the same number of steps to walk across the same room in Teon, and the animation will be shown accordingly. This might not fit the mainstream game pace which most players have gotten used to, but being mainstream was never our purpose. Presenting a “real” world is what we wanted. Beside, there are speed potions to increase movement and attack speed (grin).


Question: What about game pace? Other than movement speed, we also received many feedbacks regarding the slow game pace. Will you do something about it?
Answer: Teon was never designed to be fast pace. The fun in it is to power up, gather resources (gold), explore the world, hunt bosses and battle others. We want to make something different, something that’s back to basic gaming, with no pay-to-boost and pay-to-win. There are a lot of those on the market already. If you seek something different, Teon is your choice.


Question: Why doesn’t Teon have a mini-map?
Answer: Like what we have answered in the first question, Teon is imitating the real world, and we don’t really have a mini-map in the real world. What? You mentioned about cellphones and GPRS? Hmm… That is a good point. Maybe magicians in Teon will have a way to detect you precise location on a magical map in the future. But we don’t think it will work in a dungeon, because there is no signal there (laugh).


Question: Some players say that they don’t know what to do for a quest. Do you think you should make an auto-completing system or auto-walk system to make questing easier?
Answer: We had debates on whether or not we should make questing more “convenient”, but that really takes away the fun of exploration. Teon was designed to be a hardcore game and we rather keep this for those who enjoy a relatively difficult gameplay. There are more complicated elements in late game (stats point distribution and crafting material collection, etc), and the skill to look for hints and and directions from NPC dialogues is expected from our adventurers. We do realize that we could improve some visual effects to make the exploration more enjoyable, but the baseline won’t be changed.


Question: Some players say that their HP/MP doesn’t recover. Why is that?
Answer: That is typical of what we said just said about improving visual effects. When character weight is over 50%, their regeneration stops. Right now it is not showing obviously and would confuse some players.


Question: How come characters don’t receive additional stats points when they level up?
Answer: Besides the starting points players get when they create their characters, they will only receive additional points after level 50. Again, we should make this more obvious to players.


Question: Do you have anything else you want to tell players?
Answer: We want to thank you for playing and loving Teon. To us, Teon is not just a game. It’s meant to be unique and it’s meant to be hard. It’s a world to us. This world is not static, and it could change, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the “law of creation” (our design philosophy). Hope you enjoy Teon. Peace.

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