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Trick or Treat!!!! Halloween Event is here!

Event time: 17:00 Oct 28 to 08:00 Nov 1 (Pacific Time)

1. Scroll of Polymorph (Succubus Queen) is added to the game during event time. It can be obtained from Treasure Box. It can be looted from Death Knight and other bosses from the Drake Mountain area.

2. Great Pumpkin [Halloween] will be dropped by Undead type of monsters. You can trade 30 Great Pumpkin [Halloween] for a Treasure Box.

Great Pumpkin [Halloween] can be eaten, and will randomly caused the following effects:
Recover HP
Recover MP
Temporarily increases Max HP
Temporarily increases Max MP

Treasure Box content (chance to get):
Magical Dyes
Special Magical Dyes
Blessed Scrolls of Enchantment

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