Novice Training Guide (Sky Island) - Teon

You start standing near Olivia. The green exclamation mark above her means that she has a quest for you to do.

After accepting the quest, follow the quest director (arrow pointing to the top right direction on your screen). Eventually you will reach Gary. The green question mark above him means that you could turn in your quest.

Turn in the quest and you will receive another quest from Gary. He will also give you a few equipment.

The equipments will be equipped directly. You could also tap on the status bar (HP/MP bars) on the top left corner of your screen to bring up the menus, and open your bag to check their their statistics.

Talk to Gary again to finish the quest (you must equip the weapon in order to complete the quest goal).

Gary will then ask you to get him 4 Weakened Werewolf Fangs. The Weaken Werewolves are to the north around Gary. If you are not sure where they are, simply walk around and you should be able to find them.

Tap on the Attack Button (the big Axe icon on the bottom right corner of your screen) to attack your target. When it’s done, return to Gary again. He will point you to look for his friend Felix. Follow the arrows again pointing to the bottom right direction and you will find Felix on your way.

Felix will give you some Novice Hasting Potions which could increase your movement speed. You can then move on to find Vicky.

Vicky will ask you to bring her 5 Time Crystals. If you are a mage, she will give you a staff, and 3 spells books. You could check the [Basic Control Guide] to find out how to learn and cast spells. The Weaken Ungoliants are near the Sundial. Just walk around and slay them to collect 5 Time Crystals. After it’s done, return to Vicky again.

Vicky will then ask you to look for Patch.

Patch will give you a Scroll of Identification and a pair of Novice Leather Gloves. Your quest objective is to use the scroll to identify the gloves. After it’s done, talk to Patch again.

Note: If you accidentally identified the wrong item, simply Discard the gloves and talk to Patch again to receive another set of scroll and gloves.

Patch will then give you a Scroll of Return – [Edin Monument]. You could use this scroll to quickly teleport to the next quest NPC, or you could simply walk again. Eventually, you will reach Ambrose.

Ambrose will ask you to get him some Harpy Feathers. The harpies are in the area to the right hand side from Ambrose. After collecting enough feathers, return back to Ambrose. He will then ask you to find his old friend Carlos, who is to the top left direction. 

Carlos wants you to talk to an orc named Force to find out what he wants, but obviously a human couldn’t understand orcish language. He will then give you a Scroll of Polymorph, which can turn you into a Lycanthrope (or Dark Elf if you are an Elf). You can then talk to Force to complete the quest.


Force is actually a nice orc, but he’s too nice to hunt for his own food to prove that he is not a coward. Help him collect enough meat from the monsters nearby to finish the quest.

(I am a wolf that can shoot laser beams! pew pew!)

Force is so nice that after you helped him, he wants you to bring some cookies to the Magister. 


At this point you are done with the novice training area (Sky Island). Follow Magister’s instruction and talk to Rufus to leave the Sky Island.

Welcome to Promise Island! More adventures awaits!