The Prisoner-Baphomet - Teon

Baphomet was a prince with sense of justice and kindness who dreamed to be a worthy knight when he grew up. When his mother was snubbed by the king, the young Baphomet and his sister were tortured by an overbearing concubine of his father. They had to leave their mother and escape from their home. Unfortunately he lost his dearest sister. On the way of finding his sister, he witnessed the Golden Ram’s death who was his benefactor and died for protecting him.

Baphomet was determined to improve his magic power to protect his relatives and friends due to the miserable experience. He even learnt the black magic and aimed to be successful as quickly as he could.

Once he was summoned by Merlin by accident to the Promise Island Dungeon where he was . He was incarnated as Khazra after his death.