Bran - Teon

With rich experience in sailing, Bran is good at exploring the unknown lands. He has searched the outer sea for 7 years for Attila. During that time, he and his attendants have faced a lot of dangers. They have encountered fatal disasters. They have been chased by ferocious sea monsters. However Bran finally survived from all these difficulties and collected a large sum of fortunes and information for Attila. Attila thinks highly of Bran and orders to build a church for him to preach.

As Attila’s rule becomes more and more brutal and cruel, people all over the world rise in revolt. At that time, it is said that there is a King Arthur’s descendant in the Promise Island who intends to topple the regime of King Attila.

King Attila explodes with rage and sends Bran and other 14 followers to catch the King Arthur’s descendant. Waterway is the shortcut from Promise Island to Edin. At present, Bran is waiting for the prince in the port of Promise Island.