Basic Controls - Teon


You could either tap on the screen or tap-and-hold and move the virtual analog to move.

Bag and Equipment:

In the first few quests in Sky Island, Gary will give you a quest, asking you to put on your equipment. Tap on the Player Status Bar on the top left corner and choose the Bag icon.

Bag is where you keep your items, such as weapons, equipment and supplies. You can tap the “use” button to put on or take off a equipment. Equip everything you have to finish the quest.

You can also “discard” an item if you don’t need it. Please note that items cannot be restored once they are discarded.

Spell Books and Spells:

If you played a mage, Vicky in Sky Island will give you three spell books fairly early in the game. Simply tap “use” to learn them.

Other classes will be able to acquire spell books later in the game. One of the earliest way to acquire spell books is to trade with the merchant in Promise Island.

Once you have learned a spell, you could find them in your Spells list:

Drag your spells to your hotkeys so that you can cast them in battle:

UI Instruction