The Dead Knight - Teon

The death knight, Sir Galahad was one of the bravest knights who followed King Arthur. The Holy Grail which King Arthur looked for was found by Sir Galahad. However he wasn’t awarded for his achievement. What he got finally is in a way different from what was expected. People suspected that he would be appreciated by King Arthur and got promotion.

But his heart fools him. The least thing he should do was falling in love with King Arthur’s wife Guinevere who is snubbed by her husband. The hardest barrier for a hero is beauty. He sympathized with her in her experience. The sympathy turned into love. The affair incurred the wrath of King Arthur who ordered to hunt Sir Galahad and Guinevere who eloped with him down. They escaped from Edin Castle to Maros where Sir Galahad was killed by King Arthur.

Why he turned into the Dead Knight after his death? Stay Focused on Teon!