Elf - Teon


Elves are servants of the God of Water. They love deeply the lives and nature nurtured by their god. They have lissome bodies, long ears, beautiful appearances, and intelligent minds. They are shiny elegant drops on the green leaves in the forest.

Understanding that their duty is to return peace to all lands, and knowing the darkness inside humans, Elves become an isolated race. Although they can still get along well with those who are kind-hearted (except that they are discontent with dwarves’ rudeness and clumsiness), they usually kill hostile invaders without mercy. Because of this, they are sometimes labelled as “crude” and “cold-blooded”, and might be avoided by regular townsfolk.

Compared with other races, Elves developed their abilities proportionately. They are balanced-warriors who can strike with weapons and spells at the same time.

Suggested Weapons

Bows, Crossbows

Suggested Core Stats

Dexterity (Dex):
Dexterity affects evasion rate and damage in ranged combat.

Intelligence (Int):
Intelligence affects magic bonus, spell power and amount of MP required to cast a spell.