Royal - Teon



Royals are laden with great responsibility to revolt against the anarchy of King Attila. They muster partners and found clan with people who share the common goal. They have to fulfil the missions given by the era.

Though the royals are not strong as knights and couldn’t shoot remotely as Elves or perform advanced magic as mages, they can put on most of the crafts and weapons.

What’s more, royals have noble blood lineage, outstanding leadership and good reputation and they are the most important and indispensable members in each clan.

Suggested Stats

Charisma (Cha):
Charisma affects the total carrying amount of monsters and pets. Also, Royal’s Charisma affects the total amount of guild members recruitable.

Constitution (Con):
Constitution affects carrying capacity, maximum HP and regeneration rate when player levels up.


Royal is the only class which could initiate the creation of a Clan.