World of Teon - Teon

Teon is a world named after its creator.

Before the world even existed, Teon emerged from the misty chaos of nothingness. He and She is a god of half male and half female. The male part is believed to be filled with anger, aggressiveness and arrogance. The female part is believed to be filled gentleness, leniency and humbleness.

There was no sense of time or existence because Teon was then the only being. The feeling of loneliness slowly evolved. To drive away this uncomfortable feeling, Teon created 5 children — Volt, Venti, Vulcan, Tera and Maria. With their assistance, Teon split the misty chaos of nothingness, into two halves. The upper part rose up high and turned into the sky. The dusts fell and became the lands.

The female part of Teon took a part from the male part, and made it the fiery sun.  She wanted light. The male part didn’t want the sun to shine all the time. Then He took a part from the female part, and made it the moon. He then controlled darkness.

Teon and the Sons and Daughters were not satisfied with an empty world. The oldest son Volt filled the world with water; the second son made the wind blew; the older daughter was in charge of the lands; the third son Vulcan was inspired by the sun, and took control of fire. Teon then created giants based on His and Her image, and other living things to roam the lands. The youngest daughter Maria was then in charge of death to all creations.

To identify Themselves from Their creations, Teon referred to Him, Her, and the Sons and Daughters as gods. The male part grew more arrogant as time passed by. He claimed that all the glory of creating this world ought to be His. He then challenged His female part in a War of God.