Yggdrasil - Teon

With the strong roots and branches extending out, the lush leaves shining under the sunshine, the Yggdrasil is more luxuriant and beautiful than other trees, which has numerous romantic experience.

In this wonderful kingdom, the elegant and intelligent elves live here peacefully and happily. The elf is a harmonious part of the nature. They practice how to use the Elven Bow and do what they want every day. Their lives would be envied by everyone.

They are kind and live without rules. They can get along well with those races with kind heart (except that they are discontent with dwarves’ rudeness and human’s clumsiness)) and are hostile to the evil races such as the dwarves and clumsy human beings. Unfortunately, good times don’t last forever. The repulsive orcishes invade this area whose peace is broken up. The war is imminent and the situation is dire. Elbereth, the elven goddess becomes the last straw of the war.